The runaway variable

It all started a few months after I was first conceived. I still remember the day it all happened. The file I was to live in was created in a flurry of activity. I was one of the first variables that were declared. Well, to be completely accurate I’m not a variable, I’m an attribute – a member of an exclusive group that gives an object its state and identity. This is the story of my escape and subsequent capture.

IE is stupid

I had some odd layout problems with the menu of this site when I finally got around to testing it in IE. The following will give a brief look at what the problem was…


Baah… Just when I had fixed a piece of my code to create nice looking lists – even when viewing the source – I
find out that such clean-up breaks IE5… Thanks Zeldman. Now back to fixing my code. I wonder where I could get a really old IE5 installation to play around with.