What bugs me with Nokia’s mobile browsers…

Where ramin laments the lack of support for content negotiation in Nokia’s mobile phones.

Oh boy! Work is busy and too many blogs have given me reason to comment…
Since bug fixing doesn’t appeal to me all that much right now, I’ll write
some commentary first. Dog wrote on testing CSS support in
mobile browsers, i.e. browsers that come with PDA’s or mobile phones. What he
wrote reminded me of the main gripe I have with
Nokia’s browsers. I try to create all of
my Websites/Web applications so that they follow the guidelines outlined
by TBL in
Cool URI’s don’t
. So, none of my
URI’s have an extension
in them (with the exception of this blog for now…) and the server
uses content negotiation to give the correct file type. Alas, Nokia’s browsers
do not support content negotiation at all, so none of my links work. Nokia,
please could you do something about this?

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