URL redirections

After a refreshing vacation mainly away from computers, I’ve finally had the time to work on some of the issues that have been bothering me on our site. My main problem has been that when people look at several strips of Jermut or pictures from the Life of Jalo, the statistics we get in Urchin are problematic. The following will outline how the Life of Jalo has been fixed and offers some hints on how to do it yourself. The discussion will be technical and source code is shown. You have been warned.

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The Life of Jalo

I’ve been quite busy lately, at work and working on updates to this site. Stay tuned for a longer writeup of some of the changes already implemented and under work (maybe later today). But, we have a new competitor for our time away from work. Today we go pick up Jalo. Seven weeks of bundled Flat-Coated Retriever energy. We also started an ambitious project to document his life day-by-day in his own photoblog. Please, go take a look!