Horny Dog

Almost two months ago Pinseri lamented (in Finnish) that their dog, Totti, is horny and continuosly wants to go out and look for all the interesting females. At that time I commented (in a slightly smug and satisfied way) that our teenager, Flippe, hasn’t figured girls out yet.

Well, my words where quite prophetic. Especially the yet. He has officially figured out why girls (bitches in heat) smell so good. Across the road from us lives a female that is currently at its most fertile and Flippe’s best friend is nearing her heat. It took us a while to figure out why Flippe was unusually interested in going out. For the last week and a half he has mostly spent time indoors stairing longily at the door. The last few days have been more annoying though. He whines. Almost all the time. It’s driving us crazy, especially Anna, who spends her days at home drawing. And here we thought that the reason for Flippe’s strange behavior was his concern for Assi’s health.

Creationism, Evolution, and the great divide

I’ve kept my silence on the matter of the US elections so far, but now I’m so astonished that I can’t hold my silence any longer. The reason that seriocomic has found for the re-election of GWB saddens me so.

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Photos, Creative Commons and NGOs

I applaud the effort put into the Finnish site ngophotos.org (in Finnish). Providing photographs for NGOs under a CC license gives NGOs an opportunity to get quality pictures for free (for non-commercial use). Anyone who starts looking for photographs on the net will find a multitude of them available, but finding pictures that can be used for free by (often) struggling NGOs is a much harder task. Maybe ngophotos will help at least some NGOs in their own efforts.

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The all new blog…

Here we go. A weekend of active hacking with CSS and some fiddling with WordPress and the new blog is ready to go. The imported entries from MovableType still have missing images, archives don’t have their own template, the blogroll is incomplete, etc. But the core functionality is here. The old MT installation is still up and running, I’ll have to create the redirects tonight.

As noted in the colophon, the site has been tested in Firefox 1.0 (and earlier) and IE 6. If you test it with any other browser and notice problems, please inform me (ramin at fierymill dot net). That’s it for now. Now back to work!

Firefox 1.0RC2: I’m impressed!

I was going to refrain from writing anything new until the new design and WordPress were up and running, but I couldn’t keep my silence. I just switched to the latest release candidate for Firefox 1.0 and installed the Flash plugin through it. For all the years that I’ve been using Linux, installing plugins for browsers has been an exercise in manual labour. Now the browser took care of it all for me. Me like. Now back to work.