The 6th of December is Finland’s Independence Day. We interrupt our regular broadcasting to honor those who have protected its independence.

Today was Finland’s independence day. Especially this year it was a time to remember the men and women who protected Finland and its independece during WWII since it has been 60 years since the end of the Continuation War (jatkosota) between Finland and the Soviet Union.

Of the men who served in the Finnish armed forces during that time, only 100,000 are still alive. Of the 191 Knights of the Mannerheim Cross only nine are alive today. And not all of them made it to the President’s reception (in Finnish). We close this broadcast with an image of Liperi’s cemetery, especially the tombstone’s of those fallen during the Winter War and Continuation War. We are forever in debt to your sacrifice.

Liperi's cemetery, tombstone's for those fallen in the wars.

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