Form elements as PHP variables

A discussion on how the requirement for brackets for form elements as a PHP array is actually quite useful.

I had already decided to test this today since I’m a lazy programmer (more on that sometime later). I’m working on creating a voting application and since I like code re-use (part of my laziness) I wanted to see how I could make form processing code that really doesn’t care how many different elements there are in the form. Eric’s wondernment on why PHP requires the brackets to be present in some form element names may also be explained a bit further.

On tornados

Finland has been safe from natural disasters. Not anymore, last August we had a tornado in Finland. Something odd and surprising. And terrifying.

Finland has been safe from natural disasters for a long time. We don’t have any strong earthquakes (some tremors that seismologists register but are rarely felt), any volcanoes, or any other sort of strong natural phenomena. Of course we’ve had our fair share of strong winds and thunderstorms, but even then the wind speeds rarely reach gale force. In the last few years things have begun changing though.

I started writing this entry before the events on boxing day. Or the exceptional winter stroms Southern Finland and the rest of the Baltic countries have been experiencing. Lately nature has been reminding us of its power.