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Eppu Normaali

Finally, both of our wait of over a decade is over. We have seen Eppu Normaali live. For those poor unfortunate souls that haven’t been able to enjoy them, they are Finland’s Boss. Their lyrics have much of the same quality as the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen: they give a realistic, sometimes even grim look at the country and culture in beautiful lyrics. One of their classics is a Finnish anthem in much the same way that Born in the USA is an American anthem. Except that in this case the anthem status comes from understanding the lyrics and not concentrating of the single chorus… I’ve taken the liberty of making a freeform translation below:

Eppu Normaali live at Joensuu Arena 24.2.2005

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The innards of route finders

We’re going to Lahti tomorrow for a concert in the Sibelius Hall. Since neither one of us has the foggiest idea where it is, we decided to use a mapping service to show us the route.

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Jermut v2

Earlier I lied a bit. Although the final report of an EU project did stifle my creativity. A sudden burst of something (genius ?) finally allowed me to come up with a site design for Anna’s comic that I was satisfied with.

So, coupled with the redrawn strips we present Jermut. A comic filled with the lives and escapades of Finnish firefighters and paramedics at a small rural fire station. Currently the comic is in Finnish only, but we’re planning on translating it into English sometime. Naturally requests may make the day that translations appear on come sooner.

2700 pages

The Baroque Cycle. Finished. ‘Nuff said.

But now I have to go back and read Cryptonomicon just to try to find out all of the ways in which the two book sare connected to each other. I do recommend all of the Baroque Cycle, especially if you have any kind of interest in historical novels (which I do). At times it’s quite hard to read and requires concentration, e.g. when Waterhouse and Newton ramble about various philiosophikal matters, but other parts just fly by.

P.S. Read Reason’s interview with Neal Stephenson (via