Train ride thoughts

How modern technology has changed as viewed on a six hour train ride.

I went down to Helsinki yesterday for a job interview and had to marvel at how modern technology has changed even such a simple task.

My first shock came from the realization that I could now buy my tickets on-line. I remember the time when finding train schedules was difficult enough. What was even more baffling was that I had the option of printing my ticket at home or receiving it as a text message. The problem was that we don’t have a printer at home and you can’t get the ticket as a text message if it’s a return trip. I guess they need to work on their system a bit more…

A quick phone call to VR’s support ensured me that I could show the email I received with my tickets on the screen of my laptop. However, once on the train I decided to finally benefit from the fact that my work phone can access my personal email (but not work ;). I opened my email on the phone screen, showed the message to the conductor and got my ticket receipt (or proof of payment).

Another, more amusing, aspect of modern technology that occurred to me on the trip down was seeing business men in suits with straps around their necks. Like the phone carriers that teenagers use. But what did they have around their necks? USB memory sticks. I joked last week that they’ve replaced floppy disks, this was just further proof of the fact.

I’m still amused, I remember the times when computers were rare and widespread use of the web was something most people didn’t even dream about and when GSM reception was off and on in the train. I wonder when we’ll be getting free WiFi?

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