Forest and a downhill road

Just before we get a new topic for PhotoFriday, an entry for the current topic, Road. This is in fact a ski track during the winter, but it’ll work as a road too (if you drive a real 4×4).

Blueberry flowers

Blueberry flowers

Training hunting dogs despite the weather, in this case rain, sometimes leads to good photo opportunities. In this case the rain finally stopped and the amount of light increased enough to allow me a shot of blueberry flowers. Now we just need to wait for them to form into berries and ripen…

Waiting for the Storm

Dark clouds above fields and forest

Waiting for the first storm of the season to come. Despite the nice dark clouds we didn’t even get any rain. So we’re left waiting.

Winter Strikes Back

Rowan leaves

Rowan leaves that are just coming out against a back-drop of the snow we got last night. In Finnish we have this term takatalvi that literally means rear-winter. It’s used to describe the time when spring and summer take a step back and we get a hint of winter, just like the snow last night and cold weather front we’re currently experiencing.