Customizing Easyeclipse’s runtime environment

The error dialog raised by EasyEclipseThis all started as an effort to solve a problem in getting EasyEclipse to run on my new laptop. The error initially surfaced as a dialog full of JVM output when trying to run Eclipse.

After some digging (i.e. running Eclipse from a terminal) the error was pinpointed to a problem in the JRE install that comes with EasyEclipse. The error was:

Error: no `server’ JVM at `/usr/java/easyeclipse-lamp-’.

Several searches on Google provided some others with the same problem, but no solutions. Since I’d wanted to run Eclipse under a newer VM anyway, I thought I’d try hacking and see if I could get Java 6 to work.

The solution was deceptively simple:

  1. Change into the EasyEclipse directory.
  2. Rename the jre directory ( jre jre.old).
  3. Link the JDK supplied JRE as the jre directory (e.g. ln -s /usr/java/latest/jre jre).

There is some output that comes to the terminal once Eclipse is started, but it doesn’t seem to affect performance at all. For all I know, it might even be normal output…

Installing Fedora Core 6 on a HP nw9440

I had to upgrade my trusty old HP nw8000 since the hardware started to fall to pieces around me (keyboard tuned, lost the soundcard etc.). I liked the HP nw series enough to go for the newest model (it helps that HP is one of the providers we use at work ;) but not quite top of the line model. I also stuck to Fedora Core since that’s the distro I’m most familiar with and my computer is a tool and I’ve done my fair share of tinkering with Linux.

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Northern Lights

One of the good parts of living in the middle of fields is that taking pictures of the northern lights doesn’t require travel anymore…

WordPress and custom URLs

While customizing WP to suit the needs of our public site at work, I noticed some interesting issues with how WP (at least version 2.0.x) handles customized paths. If I start the permalink URL with /current/%category%/… and set the category URL as /current, the category archives will open, but the permalinks don’t work.

This strikes me as odd behavior, if not a bug. And no, I haven’t searched to see if someone else has reported this issue or entered it as a bug. I don’t have the time now.

P.S. randomfire’s been neglected for a long time. Hopefully soon I’ll have the time to work on a new layout and such.


Last weekend we did the rare thing of taking the camera along when we went to walk the dogs in a snowstorm. A picture this small doesn’t really do the the wind and snow enough justice.