While I was reworking the layout for this blog and its photoblog child shutterclicks I was also thinking of ways to activate myself with my photography. Specifically my photography of other things than dogs ;). I’ve always found various challenges to be a good motivating factor – often taking the images but then forgetting to put them up.

Luckily around the same time Trevor Carpenter published his challenge for the whole year 2008: document your community. In his look at how the challenge has been progressing he posted a vision very similar to mine.

Very soon after I decided to participate in the challenge I starting thinking on how I could utilize the images I took. The thought of creating a book with the selections and other supporting images with some accompanying text was very appealing. The book idea was appealing for two reasons:

  1. it gives me a clear goal to strive for and focuses my efforts a bit more, and
  2. it is something I can give to relatives living in other parts of the world to show where I live.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see how I do with the project. If you want, you can follow only my 2008 challenge pictures by looking at the shots tagged with 2008challenge on shutterclicks.

One thought on “2008 challenge

  1. Ramin, great to have you join the 2008 Challenge. I too am excited about the goal of publishing a nice book at the end of the year. I didn’t think about being able to use the book to help others, not from my area, know more about my home community. Great idea!

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