Testing the abilities of Finnish retrievers (part 1)

The more I’ve studied retrievers (mainly flatcoats and goldens) around the world, the more confused I’ve become by the various terms that are used to describe tests, trials, and such. Since we blog about our dogs bilingually and have a large amount of foreign readers, I’ve decided to write a description of how Finnish retrievers’ hunting abilities are tested.

The following description is based on the rules governing the different types of testing that are still in a trial period (the trial period ends by the end of 2008). The rules are created by the Finland’s Retriever Association and approved by the Finnish Kennel Club.

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Can’t get enough

of the bright green of spring. And maybe I’ll get around to shooting something else this weekend.

Late spring colors

Right before the fields start to show their new growth and transform from brown to green, the typical colors around us are brown, sky blue, and shades of green.

This shot is a part of my 2008challenge work.

Forked #2

A version of the previous shot that came to my mind on my way home from work today. I missed the greens of the original…


During our walk today I spotted this single forked birched among all the other young birches that are standing straight and true. It’s also one of the rare images that I immediately saw in black and white instead of color.