Lightroom 2 – Yay!

Well, Lightroom 2 is here. And yes, I’ll be upgrading very soon.

But the upgrade pricing has, again, raised a sore point with me in regard to Adobe’s pricing policies. The upgrade costs $99 in the States and 99€ in Europe (both prices will be adjusted with tax). With the current currency levels this means that the comparable prices are 63€ and 99€. That’s a 36€ difference (about $100).

I can accept the fact that companies need to add some markup to international prices to account for currency fluctuations and other assorted costs. When the markup is around a third of the price I start to lose my understanding and become annoyed.

I’ve aleady found multiple threads online on ordering other Adobe products boxed from the States in order to avoid the insane markups and I will certainly be looking into ordering Lightroom from the States.

Don’t get me wrong, while I am a strong proponent of open-source, I am willing to pay for a good piece of software (latest purchases include E and TextMate). But there is a limit to what I’m willing to suffer.

So now I’ll just wait for the boxed products to start shipping and upgrade then, if shipping and handling costs remain reasonable that is.

P.S. The Photoshop CS3 30-day trial that I installed on Anna’s Mac still reports 30 days of the trial period left (after two weeks of installation). But yes, I’ll still be ordering a licensed version as soon as some client billing comes through.

Pot of gold in our fields

Well, not our fields, but the surrounding ones. Just by chance I happened to look up and out of the window this evening and saw the endpoint of a rainbow close to our house. Walking out the backdoor lead me to this sight.

This panorama was stitched together from three shots in Hugin. The shots were taken at f/8, 1/800 s, 18 mm, ISO 400. Some post processing was also done first in Lightroom and then in Gimp (final crops and resize).

There is also a larger version of the shot available.


One of the high points of Finnish summer is when the strawberries start to ripen. A part gets eaten immediately and most is frozen for use during the long, dark winter. Simple is the best way to go with fresh strawberries: serve them with milk or plain vanilla ice cream and enjoy a slice of heaven.

Finnish strawberries also test better than any others that I’ve had. Some say it’s the long summer days, others say that it’s the more natural growing process. All I know is that they beat any greenhouse or Californian strawberries that I’ve tasted.

So far our freezer has already ingested fresh rhubarb and now strawberries. Later on in the season we’ll get to raspberries, blueberries, and some lingonberries. The red and black currants that grow in our yard will find their way into juices to serve as a source of vitamins. Although, what we’d do without Anna’s grandparents I don’t know. So far we’ve been spoiled by bucketloads of berries on our doorstep…


Aina välillä sitä ihmettelee, mitä ihmisten päässä oikein liikkuu. Viime viikolla Joensuun paloaseman yksikkö sai käydä toteamassa, että Joensuun kanavassa ui sorsapoikue.

Samaan aikaan Helsingissäkin on todettu, että ihmisten avuttomuus on nelinkertaistanut pelastuslaitoksen eläinhälytykset. Onhan se mukava, että ihmiset huolehtivat eläimistä, mutta maalaisjärkeäkin voi käyttää.

Sinänsä on huvittavaa, että Liperissä eläinhälytysten määrä on todennäköisesti muita vastaanvankokoisia kuntia suurempi. Suurimpana syynä tähän on palotarkastajamme joka tunnetaan kunnassa ja lähikunnissakin aktiivisena lintuharrastajana. Pöllöjä, haukkoja, joutsenia ja muita käydään tämän tästä bongailemassa.

Kanavassa lilluviin sorsiin liittyen, lapsena asuin Saimaan kanavan lähistöllä ja kanavan ympäristö sulkuineen oli luonnollisesti yhtenä leikkipaikkana. Muistan nähneeni suluissa lukuisia lintuja. Ainoastaan silloin niille jotain tehtiin, kun ne olivat jäämässä aukeavan sulkuportin ja sulun seinän väliin. Muuten niiden annettiin tulla ja mennä mielensä mukaan.


The fields around us have a wide variety of stuff growing on them. Right next to our house we have wheat and oats. Further away there are various grasses for hey and barley and rye. Slowly but surely, everything is ripening and the fields are changing from green to a golden yellow.

In some time, the farmers will start harvesting the years growth and then our dogs can recapture the fields as their romping and training grounds.

To enhance this change, the b+w conversion emphasized the difference between the greens and yellow/oranges of the shot.