Day 58 – Intubation

I was shooting a local vet’s facilities and staff today for their website. In the OR this set of intubation tubes hanging on the wall caught my eye.

Day 57 – Not quite the crack of dawn

Taken on my way to work this morning. It’s also so wonderful, how the day begins to lengthen – just 20 days ago it was pitch black at the same time. The changes in the amount of light available is a clear sign of the change of seasons and one of the reasons why I love living in Finland.

Day 54 – Snowy

Sunday was a snowy and sunny winter day. Perfect for a good walk with the boys.

Day 53 – Electricity

One of the reasons why so many of the landscape shots from around our house have power lines in them is this switching station nearby. The power lines start snaking their way onwards across the fields ruining many of our views at the same time. But, I shouldn’t complain since having a switching station close by means that we haven’t suffered any blackouts so far.