Poisonblack @ Kellari 23.10.2009

Well, the previous flurry of posts on the pictures I shot in KuopioRock was simply because there are several good concerts that are taking place around here in late-October and November and I wanted to clear my queue a bit… Last Friday Poisonblack played in Kellari.

Ville Laihiala

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KuopioRock: Amorphis

My last post of shots will be of Amorphis. We skipped the end of Tarot’s show so that we could get Anna a place fairly close to the stage. Hmpf. Almost an hour before Amorphis was slated to start (and several hours before the closing act of Sonata) a bunch of Sonata fans had camped in the front rows. But Anna still got a good spot and I made my way into the pit.

Tomi Joutsen

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KuopioRock: Tarot

I’m posting my galleries from KuopioRock in a miscellanious order, since Tarot was the first band we saw. They were scheduled to start playing sometime after four, so having enough light to shoot them definitely wasn’t an issue.

Marco Hietala

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What I shot instead of the Misfits: Poisonblack @ KuopioRock

Exactly as the title says, at KuopioRock due to scheduling issues I had the choice of shooting either the Misfits or Poisonblack. As a long time Sentenced fan (thanks to my lovely wife), the choice was obvious and I headed to the side tent to enjoy some brooding dark Finnish metal. Honestly, Misfits doesn’t really even ring any bells of recognition for me.

Marco Sneck & Ville Laihiala

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