KuopioRock: Amorphis

My last post of shots will be of Amorphis. We skipped the end of Tarot’s show so that we could get Anna a place fairly close to the stage. Hmpf. Almost an hour before Amorphis was slated to start (and several hours before the closing act of Sonata) a bunch of Sonata fans had camped in the front rows. But Anna still got a good spot and I made my way into the pit.

Tomi Joutsen

No one told any of the photographers around me of a limit on how many songs we could shoot, but I did notice the pit clearing out at the beginning of the first song but didn’t pay much attention to the fact… After the first song I was asked to leave the pit (as I was already leaving it ;).

As always seems to be the case with Amorphis, Tomi’s expressions and flying hair were a good target for shooting. Of course, as a guitarist I also concentrated quite a bit on Esa and Tomi K. Neither guitarist is very flamboyant in their playing, but the ESP Eclipse’s give nice shots of guitarists playing and enjoying their music.

Esa Holopainen

Tomi Koivusaari

As was the case with Tarot’s gig, the light was fairly bright daylight diffused through some cloud cover. After I’d moved to shoot from the audience it rained a bit, giving some added spice to a few shots. I never managed to get through the crowd to where Anna was standing.

Tomi Joutsen

I also managed to get one of my favorite shots ever of Tomi from the audience. Again, the angle let me avoid nasal cavities completely.

Tomi Joutsen

As always, more pictures in our gallery. I had a really hard time selecting the shots to post here, Amorphis is quite a photogenic band.

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