Stairway to heaven

I remember seeing this staircase leading up to nothing when they were still building the new Joensuu fire station. At the time I thought some structures would be built around it, but alas, it is just a staircase leading up – to nothing.

So much hose

I remember when I was still a junior explorer myself, sometime much too long ago. Even a single hose seemed so long and heavy to handle. And it’s surprising how a test can cause running and hurrying even when the kids are told that there is no time limit to the task.

It’s a big world

A week ago (the next day after shooting Tarot…) I went out to shoot some junior explorers (young kids learning fire fighting) completing their first test in skills and knowledge. I was there to shoot the event for use in some articles on the event and as a trainer.

While shooting some typically journalistic shots of the event (which was fun), I also had some time to get some shots that aren’t really usable for typical journalistic purposes, but can be used otherwise. I’ll be publishing a few of them here.

Oops – sorry

Sometimes shooting from the audience can be slightly dangerous with people partying – and head-banging – away. In this case I luckily survived without any visible marks :) The camera and my eyebrow just got a bit of a knock.