Esa #1

A couple of weeks ago when shooting Amorphis I decided to try to express my vision a bit more than just shoot the typical fodder of concert photography. Sure, I got my shots of flying hair and finger flying along fretboards, but I also took the time to try and get some more feeling into the shots.

This is one of my definite favorites that I’ve ever taken. I watched Esa hit the whammy bar a couple of times before making this picture and noticed some mannerisms that I could use to get what I wanted. I’m not sure if works quite as well for others, but for me this shot really has feeling in it.

But I still need to ponder quite a bit more on what my vision for photography is and how to express it. And yes, I’ve been reading and listening to David duChemin.

Autumn is here

Well, another long brake in posting images here. I can only say that I’m really good at procrastinating. It isn’t even because I wouldn’t have been out taking pictures or anything.

But now I’ve got a series of pictures ready to be posted, so at least for a few days I’ll have a regular stream of something coming up.

Amorphis 10.9.2010 @ Puikkari

Our week of seeing good live acts ended with Amorphis playing live in Puikkari (review and pictures of Suburban Tribe coming soon). Which meant another drive to Kuopio, but what wouldn’t we do to see Amorphis live. In fact, we were considering a crazy drive to Oulu in early August just to see them and drive back the same night to make to a dog show the next morning… This was the fourth time we’ve seen them live (Kuopio Rock 2009, Kohti rokkia 2008). I’ve shot every time, but still haven’t gone through the pictures of them playing in Kellari last November. I blame breaking my hand the next day for my procrastination ;)

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Reckless Love 2.9.2010 @ Puikkari

We went to see Kuopio’s gift to glam metal Reckless Love last Thursday when they were playing in their hometown since they can’t seem to find their way 130 km east :). While waiting for the gig the venue played a good set of glam / hair metal to get the audience in a suitable mood. I have a public Spotify playlist for the same purpose.

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