Reckless Love @ Kerubi 12.7.2011

As a prelude to this weekends rock festival in our area, the 40 year old Ilosaarirock we had three free evening dances that were organized at a local club. The first evening featured three bands and we only went to see the headliners, Reckless Love.

When the stage is set with a neon yellow (desert yellow was the official name IIRC) Ibanez RG in front of two Marshall half-stacks, you get a very good idea of what the music will be like. As soon as the playing starts and spandex-clad artists hit the stage, you’re taken back to 80s glam era. And not in a bad way. Reckless Love hits the same nerve as Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Mötley Crüe and the rest by offering light and fun hard rock and a great stage show.

Tuesday’s show didn’t disappoint at all and I finally got to see Pepe play his Ibanezes (sp?). And yes, we saw Olli perform more than one jump kick, alas I only caught one well enough.

If I’d been smart I would have requested a photopass to have access to the pit for the first three songs, but we got a good enough spot in front of Pepe.

Honestly, if you’ve ever liked even a bit of 80s era glam rock and find Reckless Love playing near you go see them. You won’t be disappointed I can guarantee a smile on your face when you leave the show. And most females will probably appreciate Olli’s sixpack as well :)

As always, more images in our photogallery.


I finally managed to buy a 50mm lens for myself. The default Canon 1.8II hasn’t really appealed since I spend so much time shooting black dogs and its focusing is abysmally slowly. But the reviews I’d read of the Sigma 50mm/1.4 EX DG HSM had me decide to get it at some point of time.

I bought the lens via a friend, who tested the lens before purchase and brought it to me since we didn’t have it available in any stores close by. And I was impatient ;)

I shot a few quick test shots with it out near our house. My initial impressions, it focuses well enough, but at 1.4 the DOF is so shallow that even slight movement of the subject (flatcoats don’t really sit absolutely still for long) or photographer throws the focus off very easily. So practice will be needed.

But I really do like the lens…