Black Sun Aeon @ Kerubi 4.11.2011

Warming up for Insomnium’s first gig in support of One for Sorrows was Tuomas Saukkonen’s (Before the Dawn) solo project Black Sun Aeon. BSA is quite similar to Before the Dawn. So similar in fact that the only reason that I can see for the solo project is Tuomas Saukkonen’s desire to play every single instrument on the album. And honestly, he plays them well.

Melodic death metal was on the table for the evening, but I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Janica Lönn was along with the band for the tour. Especially as a photographer it was nice to shoot a female instead of the (mostly hairy) men that dominate metal.

As far as BSA’s set goes, I must admit to being quite disappointed. I’d listened to them through Spotify even before the gig (and afterwards as well) and have quite liked them. I’m fairly certain that my disappointment in the gig comes from the mix being off. It was so bass heavy that it drowned out most of the other instrument – luckily at least the vocals did come through enough to give the songs some atmosphere.

As always, more pictures in our gallery and stay tuned for pictures of the main act, Insomnium.

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