Backup, backup, backup…

yellow flatcoated retriever eating grasses

Just keep repeating the title until you set up a good backup regime. If you already have one, try what happens when you imagine one drive just broke.

Still here? Then this post is not for you ;)

In all honesty, please build a good backup system where everything is not on one drive and in one device. Our basic setup so far has been two 1.5TB drives in a RAID-1 setup in a separate NAS box. Sounds technical right? Basically, we have a device hooked up to our home network that has two drives that show as one as everything is automatically mirrored on both drives. In addition to this, I periodically make backups onto an external 1.5TB USB drive. Which, *cough* in theory, should be stored offsite between weekly backups.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been going through last years images. While I was doing this I got (yet another) email from our NAS box telling me that the error count of one drive was increasing. I ignored it because at the same time I’m building a new image server for our house with more storage. Last Sunday, while Anna was editing photographs, our NAS died. Even after several reboots it did nothing.

So, out with the drive that was reporting errors and now everything was up and running. Except for the fact that I only had all images on a single working drive. So, frantically I hooked up the external drive to make sure that I had everything on at least two drives again. This moral of the story? Make sure you have at least two copies of everything that is important – you never know when a drive may fail.

BTW, both of our computers are continuously backed up to an external drive and I’m also in the process of setting up Crashplan on both our computers. Alas, I still don’t know how to sensibly get the image server backed up to Crashplan as 1.5TB is a bit slow to stream…

The picture above is one found during my archival romp and is from early 2012.


two black flatcoated retrievers running in the snow

There is really only one clear photographic resolution that I have in mind for the coming year and it is quite simple: be quick to tag, edit and prune photographs. I have just started tagging metadata to all of our photographs from last year. Trust me, there are many – slightly over 23 000. Of these almost 19 000 were untagged this morning.

The second part of the resolution means that I have to mark good shots somehow (Lightroom’s ratings anyone?) so that I can come back to them even if I don’t edit them immediately. And then, the most heart wrenching part of it all – deleting unwanted shots. Were are running out of storage space for our photographs at the moment. This means that there are 1.5TB of photographs that we have. Although I’m building a new server for our photographs with more storage space, the increasing file sizes and amount of photographs we do take means that more curating and pruning needs to be done.

We will see how it goes. Unfortunately I’m fairly certain that this time next year I’m going to be making exactly the same resolution…

Pictured above, Topi and Emil from a previously unpublished photograph from last January. At least this one was easy to tag. A single snow covered black dog sometimes takes some investigating before it can be tagged.

Color and moods

flatcoated retriever silhoutted against the winter sun

When photographing the image shown yesterday in Life of Jalo the final image I saw in my mind was the one that was posted (also seen below). However, while editing and slightly fooling around I came across a cross-processing preset that looked interesting.

However I didn’t pursue editing it any further the other but continued late last night to edit another option with a very different mood of the exact same image. While the LoJ version of the image is purely warm with a strong sunset feel to it, the photo above includes both the coolness of wintery shade and the hint of warmth from the low midday sun. To honestly get the sunset warmth of the LoJ version we have to get quite a bit closer to summer for the sun to be higher up in the sky.

As an experiment on how simple processing and selecting the colors that are emphasized in a photograph this was quite successful. Honestly, I can’t even choose which version I like more.

And if you are interested in another take on the duality of winter coldness and the warmth of the sun, Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt also published a photograph yesterday with the same range of colors.

P.S. I’m not really satisfied with the lens flare in the photograph. I need to do some more testing with the lens to see what I can do about it. It just may be that I will find myself removing the UV filter from the lens.

flatcoated retriever silhuetted against the winter sun


Another year changes, at least according to the default calendar in most modern computers. For me it brings new challenges and the promise of even more time spent “to the dogs.” Although literally in my case and not figuratively.

I hope you had a good and safe start to the new year!

Flames and firefighters – outside

firefighters with houses outside of a burning house

And as a final installment of images from the house fire exercise we had a month ago, some of my favorites of the fire as seen from outside of the building.

Remember also the previous installments of the timelapse and a look at the inside of a burning building.

flames on a burning house

a porch in flames

flames from a burning house

firefighters watching a house burn during an exercise

firefighter warming up during an exercise