The future of (photo)journalism?

A fire truck from Chicago

Lately I’ve encountered two excellent pieces of journalism that make me feel like there is a future visible ahead for good, in-depth journalism.

First is the GQ long form article on the wildfire that took the lives of 16 hot-shots last summer in Arizona. Even if you are not a fire-fighter, it is very much worth a read. And after seeing the damage caused by wildfires in the US and following them to see if road closures will force us to re-plan our road trip route I can respect the work that American fire fighters face in those conditions even more.

Second, a Finnish effort DocImages which produced their iPad application and the first piece of paid content for it. Read more about the effort and the first article available on the iPad in English and in Finnish. I love that I am able to choose if I am interested in enough in the new content to buy it for the price of a latte.

I am and have always been a fan of well-produced content that I can easily choose to pay for. I would have readily paid for the GQ article as well – at least if paying for it would be easy and simple. Say what you will of in-app purchases on iOS, but they do make the decision to buy something interesting quite easy to make and thus hopefully help in at least some extent on getting people to pay for content.

A New Year

Low-lying winter sun

I have never understood why people find the change of the calendar year a good time to make resolutions. Resolutions that generally will not be kept. More and more I’ve found that my own thoughts revolve around the time spent from other epochs – be they graduations, birthdays or anniversaries. But still I try not to make resolutions for a year. I mean, it has well been shown that I can’t keep up with any 365 projects or the like ;)

It would be easy to say that the dark and gloomy autumn and early winter we had has sapped my energy. It would also be easy to say that my longing back to the Rockies after our road-trip in the US has distracted me. Whatever it is, I know that I need to get myself more organized.

Maybe it is the fact that we finally have sunlight again and the ground is white – although with much too little snow – or the fact that I am exercising more again, but I have more energy now. More energy that has to be poured into getting things done. Finishing the multiple projects I have lying around in various states of completion and remove them from dragging me down.

Let’s see how it goes…

Ending the year with a bang – Amorphis pre-view

Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis and his dreadlocks

On the Eve on New Year’s Eve (i.e. December 30) we got to see Amorphis at our local rock club. We got there early enough (less than an hour before the gig started) to get front row spots so I’ve got many a picture with Tomi’s dreads hovering over the camera. It was also the first gig in which I tested my Fujifilm X20 in a dark rock club. More on its performance later, but I can’t say that I was disappointed with it.