Well my goal to put out a SoFoBoMo book failed (more details).

The plan was to create a book on Finnish retriever hunt tests. I still plan on creating the book – this is one of the shots that will make the final version.

Day 48 – Asleep

Originally we didn’t mean to let the dogs on any of the sofas in the house. One day, when Jalo was a little puppy, he decided that the sofa is a fun place to be. Ever since this old brown sofa has been the dogs. It’s fun to watch how they rotate turns on the sofa (only two will fit at the same time) while we watch TV.

Day 47 – Puppy and the Beast

We picked up Jalo’s niece Mila (Blackcode’s Dream Come True) and brought her to stay with us for a while. She won’t be staying permanently with us – just for a while until she grows up a bit.

The amusing thing is, that while puppies are generally wary about large black dogs, flatcoat puppies are the opposite. The large black dogs are safe. The big blond goldens on the other hand… I guess it’s also part racism, since Luka isn’t scary at all, even if he is yellow.

Day 19 – Puppies

Spent the evening shooting three week old flatcoated retriever puppies. Yes, they were cute. No, we’re not getting one. However, I can’t wait until they’re a bit older and livelier. Now they mainly just eat and sleep…