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1978 chevrolet corvette detail

May Day / Vappu

May Day (or Vappu in Finnish) is a bank holiday in Finland and traditionally a day spent at picnics, watching parades and …

Every day life 2/5

Five days of every day life

Over on Facebook there has been a challenge going around (at least us Finns) to document five days of your every day …

A fire truck from Chicago

The future of (photo)journalism?

Lately I’ve encountered two excellent pieces of journalism that make me feel like there is a future visible ahead for good, in-depth …

Low-lying winter sun

A New Year

I have never understood why people find the change of the calendar year a good time to make resolutions. Resolutions that generally …

Siren and snow

Blue and white

Celebrating the 94th anniversary of Finnish independence with the colors of our flag. A fresh sprinkling of snow on the ground suits …