The new camera

Picture of a black Canon 300D

Ever since the government informed me that I’d be getting a substantial amount of tax returns this year I’ve been drooling for a digital SLR. At first I was looking at getting a vanilla Canon 300D with a battery grip added. Then the 20D was released and I debated between the two until the limited edition black 300D with battery grip and USM lenswas released. The moment I saw it in the store, I knew what I wanted.

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Photos, Creative Commons and NGOs

I applaud the effort put into the Finnish site (in Finnish). Providing photographs for NGOs under a CC license gives NGOs an opportunity to get quality pictures for free (for non-commercial use). Anyone who starts looking for photographs on the net will find a multitude of them available, but finding pictures that can be used for free by (often) struggling NGOs is a much harder task. Maybe ngophotos will help at least some NGOs in their own efforts.

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10,000 Revisited

I while back I posted on hitting the 10,000th image taken with our digital camera. Some time ago Tim Bray pointed out that his camera thoughtfully gave each picture a guaranteed unique name. So I thought the transition over the limit of 9999 would be smooth, but no. The camera decided to go over the milestone several times completely screwing up the internal counter. Now every time we download images from the camera we have to rename them so that they have a unique name. I hope Tim has better luck with his cameras. And that our next camera will anticipate the 10,000 shot boundary.

Photoblog navigation

Inspired by Dunstan’s post on photoblog navigation and the ensuing discussion, I made some changes to the way The Life of Jalo works. The code was uploaded sometime – much too late – last night, so if you frequent LoJ you might have already noticed them.

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On the last day of this month, my trusty Minolta DiMAGE Z1 will have been with us for a year. It didn’t take us quite a full year to take 10,000 pictures with it. Having three dogs around tends to use up a lot of shots to get even one decent one. Below is the 10,000 image with the Minolta.

A headshot of a Flat-Coated Retriever

A slightly better shot from the series is the following. Today’s Life of Jalo is from the same series, the look on Jalo’s face was priceless at the time when he was trying to get the treat that Anna was using to get Flippe to stand still. Oh, and BTW, a Flat-Coated Retriever’s tail almost never stops – at least when treats, or frisbees, are available.

A standing Flat-Coated Retriever