Ferreting bugs out of KDE

This has got to be the best bug report I’ve ever read (via Semantic World and Cyberspace). Take a look at the picture attached to the bug report.

WordPress hacking

I’ve been on a vacation with nothing planned this week so I’ve finally had time to hack around with WordPress. The new template system offers a great platform on which building customized views is easy. I added a thumbnail (and link) to the current image in The Life of Jalo, a list of the five latest posts when viewing a single entry, a link to geocaches near us if you’re viewing a geocaching post, now playing information, and I jumped the folksonomy bandwagon. The rest of this post is fairly technical in content, so if code and web development aren’t your thing, you might want to move on.

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The importance of backups

I’m quite good at procrastination. I’d been meaning to clean up the conflicts between my development environment, production environment, and version control at work as well as create a system to backup all of my important data regularly. The operative words are had been meaning to. Last week my primary computer’s (the one that has all of my current work) hard-drive started making a knocking sound on my way back from work. At home the quick diagnosis was: nothing to be done – HD fried and all data lost. Even using dd to try a block based dump of parts of the filesystem failed.

So now I’ve been trying to patch things together from published sources – annoyed at myself for not making backups earlier. While most of my current projects weren’t harmed all that bad (a week or so of lost work), my archives of past projects and work was all completely lost. I thought I still had them on my secondary computer, but I remembered wrong. (Now who was the idiot who deleted them? Look between the keyboard and chair at the one writing this…)

Well, at least I managed to clean up my HD. And I really don’t think that I lost anything that important that I’d still need in binary format. All of my scientific papers (, theses) and teaching materials exist on paper if I need them in the future. At least HP’s service worked fast. I called them on a Thursday and on Monday morning when I went to work a new HD was waiting for me on my desk.

And I finally managed to synch the production environment and the version control data for the software I’m working on at work. And switch over to Subversion. Now on to recreate some of the graphics I’ve created…

I guess I don’t need to point out what everyone should learn from my experience ;)

The innards of route finders

We’re going to Lahti tomorrow for a concert in the Sibelius Hall. Since neither one of us has the foggiest idea where it is, we decided to use a mapping service to show us the route.

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Stifling creativity

It’s unbeliavable how a small task that requires a few days of work can stifle all creativity, ability to code, and even working on getting the troublesome task out of the way. In my case, anything that reeks of bureaucracy and text written to fill up space and look good gets me in a slump like this.

I’ve been battling with the final report of an EU project that we coordinated last year. It isn’t a large amount of data that needs to be collected, but much of it has to be filled in in several different forms and calculated in varying ways. It seems like a large pile of paper is required just to justify where the money has gone – no matter what the content. And since the deadline to return the final report is more than far away still, I just promised my boss that I’ll have it on his desk on monday for signing…

Maybe then I’ll be able to find the coveted flow again.