End of the Road

This post has been a long time coming – just waiting for the time to sit down and remember to edit this image. Late last year I already made the choice to concentrate all of my blogging over on randomfire instead of splitting up my written blogging from my photoblogging. So, this is the end of posts over here – if there is anyone left in the room, please move on to the next room ;)


A typical site these days – at least in Finnish airports – busy people walking by while others are engrossed by the content in their mobile phones. But more and more the phone use is switching from talking to looking at the screen and typing.

I was almost tempted to not publish this since I don’t really like the crop of the woman’s leg, but the balance of the subject worked so well that I decided to ignore the technical deficiencies. I was seriously considering only posting this image that is now in a supporting role.

These were also taken while testing the new lens. While I can’t really see the benefit of IS when shooting fast moving black dogs, urban or street photography like this really benefits from the ability to handhold a shot with longer exposure times.

Home for the evening

Some time ago, Finnair used the slogan “illaksi kotiin” (home for the evening) in their domestic advertising campaign. While a day trip to Helsinki by airplane isn’t all that taxing, the feeling of coming home is always pleasant.

Taken while testing the new (used) Canon EF-S 17-55/2.8 IS USM that I picked up after yesterday’s business trip. I really like the lens – at least based on what little I’ve been testing it. BTW, thanks Mom and Dad!

Oresund Bridge

I missed a couple of days again – nothing new in that I guess :)

This is an old shot from 2007 from my trip to the States. I’ll be using some pictures from that trip as archival shots for days when I haven’t taken anything worth posting here.

The bridge is the Oresund Bridge, shot while in the air on the way from Helsinki to Amsterdam. I’d really like to drive over that bridge sometime, but the idea faces some opposition…

The image is from the days when I mainly shot in JPG and taken with our old 300D (Rebel). I had to do quite a bit of processing to reduce the haze from the sky and airplane window.

Day 57 – Not quite the crack of dawn

Taken on my way to work this morning. It’s also so wonderful, how the day begins to lengthen – just 20 days ago it was pitch black at the same time. The changes in the amount of light available is a clear sign of the change of seasons and one of the reasons why I love living in Finland.