Dark and gloomy December

We haven’t seen the sun for weeks, so it has been quite gloomy and dark. Meaning that the black jobs have mainly been blobs of black in photographs.

P.S. This was timed to come out on Dec 1, but I managed to botch the timing so post-dated it now.

Golden birches

Another shot from yesterday’s walk with the dogs. I love how a small gust of wind sprinkled some snow off the birch branches. During these short winter days, practically any small moment of sunlight we get hits the sweet spot of the golden hour.


The fairly large birch behind our house has fallen giving us an even better view to the north. The first step in building a new patio has now been taken. The August nights are turning darker and darker. We can finally see some stars again and the moon has enough power to shine some of its own light.

Can’t get enough

of the bright green of spring. And maybe I’ll get around to shooting something else this weekend.