Day 48 – Asleep

Originally we didn’t mean to let the dogs on any of the sofas in the house. One day, when Jalo was a little puppy, he decided that the sofa is a fun place to be. Ever since this old brown sofa has been the dogs. It’s fun to watch how they rotate turns on the sofa (only two will fit at the same time) while we watch TV.

Day 47 – Puppy and the Beast

We picked up Jalo’s niece Mila (Blackcode’s Dream Come True) and brought her to stay with us for a while. She won’t be staying permanently with us – just for a while until she grows up a bit.

The amusing thing is, that while puppies are generally wary about large black dogs, flatcoat puppies are the opposite. The large black dogs are safe. The big blond goldens on the other hand… I guess it’s also part racism, since Luka isn’t scary at all, even if he is yellow.

Day 38 – For everyone down under

We like our winter and snow, but some of your sunshine we could take. If we’d have a normal winter, we’d be glad to offer you some of our snow to help cool you down, but this year we really don’t have any yet.

On an overcast, slightly snowing, day like today Finnish winter is very mono-chromatic. Even the pine trucks and the green of the evergreens gets muted.

Playing puppies

An alternate processing to the one in today’s Life of Jalo. I like the desaturation and contrast enhacement works in this shot. This was shot with natural light only, hence the high ISO and noise.

Not enough light

We tried to shoot Jalo in front of our current and previous homes, but we ran out of light (around 15:00!). Well, next weekend well hopefully have better luck, but this shot turned out quite good considering it was a quick setup. And on of my first with remotely fired strobes outdoors.