Calendar for November 2014

Decided to start making a monthly background with the months calendar, just for the fun of it. If you like it, you can download the full (2560×1600) image here.

Day 18 – Frosty

The tree in our backyard is quite photogenic – especially now with the lights. The frost covering on the branches just makes it better.

The tree was lit with several pops from a SB-28 at 1/4 power hand-held at camera left. We have practically no glow from city lights, so even a cloudy evening like today means the sky is very dark.

Day 4 – Mortal danger

A literal translation of the sign on the electric pole. We’ve got two of these 45kV lines running across the fields near our house. For a long time they bothered me in the larger view shots that I took. Now, like Andreas, I’ve learned to accept them as part of modern landscapes.

And I have been known to obsess about them photographically every now and then.

Day 3 – Frost

It’s only day three and I already had to use a safety. The frost is on the outer pane of our den window lit only by the lights we have strung up in a backyard tree. OTOH, I couldn’t just let the frost stay as an indefinite safety since it may disappear anytime.

Fallen frost

The frost that I’ve documented so much lately had just fallen off the grasses after our recent snowfall. And we got to see a glimpse of the sun too. In all honesty, lately the weather has been better, work is now the major complication…