Best camera

two flatcoated retrievers, Luka and Topi, running in the snow

Some years ago when the iPhone was still a relatively new thing and the camera was nothing special, Chase Jarvis started to talk about how the best camera is the one you have with you. Over the years, phone cameras keep getting better, but they are still a far cry from “real cameras.” But still, it’s a camera that is always with you. And of course, for a good photograph you need vision – and often getting in close to you subject.

The above shot was taken during one of our walks with the dogs during an overcast day that didn’t warrant dragging a big camera along. Going down low, knowing my subjects and waiting for them to get close enough (and firing a burst of shots) gave me this. One of my best dog photographs lately and one that I wouldn’t have made without the camera in my phone.

All of the editing of the photograph has also been done on the iPhone using Snapseed and for reference, this is the unedited photograph.

Luka and Topi, unedited


In my overview of last year I noted that my aborted project 365 finally allowed me to explore using my iPhone in my photography. I’ve had a camera phone for quite afew yaers, but I never embraced shooting with any of them before the iPhone and I needed the push that a 365 gives to really embrace it.


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365… Should I?

I know, I already tried it once (or maybe twice?) before and didn’t get too far. But honestly, again I find myself wondering whether I should start a 365 project. This time the trigger was the Mostly365 site that Lisa Bettany started.

Now that I finally carry around a fairly decent camera all the time (the iPhone 4) it is conceivable that I could take a picture every day. At least something worth publishing somewhere. I’m certain that many of the images wouldn’t be worth publishing on shutterclicks, but putting them up in my Flickr stream would work. Honestly, I’d even have a start since I’ve got a few shots from yesterday in Seiska (the 7D).

Sure, it would be a challenge to take at least one picture each day. On the other hand, I could also start using my phone more to document possible ideas and such and post the ideas, locations, whatever raw and see if I ever get around to taking them any further. And honestly it could be refreshing to let go of some of my limitations.

Who knows, maybe I’ll give it a go… After all, what do I really have to lose?

Day 7 – Mobility

Yes, it’s a day late. This morning at work I noticed how amusing it is that because of the various gadgets that I have (that are supposed to help mobility), my desk is cluttered with four charger cords for phones etc.

Nokia deserves focus, since these are the last days that my personal phone will be a Nokia. You can guess the future model by looking at the picture ;)