Live fire exercise – video

I really did try to get more footage from our live fire exercise than I finally ended up getting. The reason is quite simple: our first attack was into such a hot fire that the GoPro case melted enough to leave the start/stop button inoperable. And since I’m not one to take my phone with me into that amount of heat, I had no way of starting and stopping the recordings. So the only helmet cam footage is from when I went into the smoke during our first attack.

Trust me, although it goes dark as soon as we enter the building, it was hot and smoky for the next three minutes until we put out the fire and started venting. But the video is also a realistic version of what it really looks like when fire fighters enter a burning structure. The high visibility and pretty flames you see on TV and in movies are fiction.

P.S. You can see what my helmet and GoPro looked like after the first attack on Instagram. Although note that I’d already cleaned up the lens to make sure the case was still usable.

Live fire exercise 8.11.2014

This has been a peculiar year as we’ve had the opportunity to have two live fire exercises followed by controlled burns of the buildings once we are done exercising. The house this time was a traditional post-war single family home that often has livable areas in the basement and top floor but they could be initially left unfinished.

firefighters and hoselines

We only used the ground floor during our exercise since the second floor was much too open to burn in a controlled fashion. The basement was left untouched due to safety concerns.

Door covered in soot from the fire

firegfighters entering smoky room

I also had a GoPro attached to my helmet, but our first attack (in which I was participating and not photographing) was so hot that my helmet and the GoPro housing took quite a bit of damage. The fact that it was so hot also meant that I got about five seconds of usable footage before the world went dark from smoke. If nothing else, that footage can serve as an excellent example of what the reality of entering a burning building is like when compared to what is seen in movies and TV.

firefighters entering a smoky room

flames in a burning building

Flames from a house fire during a controlled burn

Inside a burning house

Finally got the video from our live fire exercise edited. A more detailed post on lessons learned etc. coming later on. Now back to watching the overtime of Germany vs Algeria…

Flames and firefighters – outside

firefighters with houses outside of a burning house

And as a final installment of images from the house fire exercise we had a month ago, some of my favorites of the fire as seen from outside of the building.

Remember also the previous installments of the timelapse and a look at the inside of a burning building.

flames on a burning house

a porch in flames

flames from a burning house

firefighters watching a house burn during an exercise

firefighter warming up during an exercise

Flames and firefighters – inside

flames from a burning mattress

Some interior shots from the housefire exercise we had earlier this month. I definitely wasn’t planning on using my 7D inside the house, but because the 30D’s batteries decided to die on me despite being charged the previous evening, I had to take it in. But it was worth it…

Also remember the timelapse of the house burning down.

Firefighter inside a burning house

Firefighter inside a burning house

Flames inside a burning house

firefighter inside a burning house