A mis-shot while checking the setup for today’s Life of Jalo. But very apt for the day.

Day 71 – Wishing upon a star

Dare I even try to maintain the premise of doing a project 365? I’ve got pictures lined up, but haven’t had the energy to process them. I really should get a grip.

The full moon came with cloudless skies, so I just had to go outside with the camera. I played around with getting a self-portrait in the moonlight. I like this one with the ghostly me the most.

The light is all from the moon. And there will be more to come.

Heading home

The final shot I’ll upload from last weeks storm. Taken on my way back home. You can see the reflection of the headlights from our windows in the right.

Since I already had the tripod mounted in the passenger side I decided to take some long exposures on the way back. This shot was one of the few that look decent.