Aurora Borealis revisited

nothern lights in Liperi Finland in March 2013

Last March we had the best display of Northern Lights, aka Aurora Borealis that I have ever seen. At the time I posted a quick sneak peek of the photographs I took of the display and promised to post more shortly. I never did get around to editing or posting any more images.

About a month ago Mikko Lagerstedt published a tutorial on how to edit night photography. Now that we had a long weekend that I spent at home, I decided to finally read the tutorial and do some editing. These are my favorites that I managed to make during the light show that we had.

nothern lights in Liperi Finland in March 2013

P.S. I strongly recommend following Mikko’s work. It is mind-blowing and absolutely beautiful.


Aurora Borealis - Nothern lights

A quick sneak peek of the most fabulous light show I have ever seen. Had to interrupt my editing of the pictures of last nights gig to photograph this light show. Good night, I will be back with more tomorrow.

Northern Lights, January 2012

I was making photographs for my submission for assignment three in Project52 when Anna told me that there was a display of Northern Lights outside. While this winter hasn’t exactly been slow in aurora activity, we’ve been under cloud cover for almost two months so it was the first realistic chance in quite a while to go shoot them.

Since the last location I shot at (see the pictures on my G+ profile) is a bit inaccessible due to the snow and it was -30°C, I didn’t even consider hopping into our car and driving to a different location so these have all been shot right at the edge of our property. Enjoy…

Strange lights in the sky

A spring midnight, out for the last time with the dogs. Listening to the swans, ducks and other birds. Watching the stars and scanning the sky. Spotting some strange lights in the northern sky – lights we’ve been missing for quite some time.

Granted, last night they weren’t very spectacular or the best I’ve seen. But after a long time without a glimpse of the northern lights, even the small glimmer we got was an awe inspiring sight.