Day 57 – Not quite the crack of dawn

Taken on my way to work this morning. It’s also so wonderful, how the day begins to lengthen – just 20 days ago it was pitch black at the same time. The changes in the amount of light available is a clear sign of the change of seasons and one of the reasons why I love living in Finland.

Day 54 – Snowy

Sunday was a snowy and sunny winter day. Perfect for a good walk with the boys.

Day 39 – Ferry

When we head south from our place, we usually choose between two possible routes. The easternmost one will take us via a ferry towards Lappeenranta, my original home town. On the way back home, the ferry is always a nice pause, right before the last 23 km home.

Even in the heart of winter the ferry crosses the water. The gap in the ice is just about large enough for the ferry to pass through and it travels four times a hour from each end. Only once have I ever heard the ferry stop crossing, the waves were so large the rescue boat was lost. Of course we (the fire department) then went out in our boat and caught the runaway lifeboat…

Autumn brilliance

While yesterday’s shot showed the cool colors of light right after sunset, today’s shot is from last week when we had brilliant sunny days. I’ll never forget the story an art teacher of mine told me of German tourists visiting Finnish Lapland during autumn. They’d taken many rolls of film of pictures of the colors. When they finally got them developed in Germany the developer said that unfortunately something had gone wrong in the developing process and the colors in many of the pictures was off. In reality, nothing was wrong with the process and the pictures were fine. The developer just didn’t believe that the colors were real.

This was taken on the road from Joensuu towards Tampere with Bear’s Tokina 11-16/2.8. I really liked that lens. One of my favorite shots with the lens was published a few days ago in the Life of Jalo.

Civilization is almost here

One easy way to define the level of civilization of a locality is how well pedestrians and cyclers are taken into account. The bike path / sidewalk from Liperi to Ylämylly (connecting us to Joensuu) is finally being built. Once it’s completed, I could ride (or rollerblade) to work safe from cars during the whole 30km trip. Well, except the 1,7 kms or rural road that we live on. But we’re happy to live in the boonies :)