Smoke and Fire

Sunflare through the smoke generated by a structural fire

Finally got around to start editing the photographs I took during a live fire exercise two weeks ago. This is just a preview ;)

Update: The original image looked good to tired eyes, but later the healing of some major water drops annoyed me and I had to make a new version (which is now the main image). The original image is this one:

Sunflare through the smoke generated by a structural fire

Ending the year with a bang – Amorphis pre-view

Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis and his dreadlocks

On the Eve on New Year’s Eve (i.e. December 30) we got to see Amorphis at our local rock club. We got there early enough (less than an hour before the gig started) to get front row spots so I’ve got many a picture with Tomi’s dreads hovering over the camera. It was also the first gig in which I tested my Fujifilm X20 in a dark rock club. More on its performance later, but I can’t say that I was disappointed with it.

Airport Blues


The joy in the captain’s voice
Declaring a tail-wind that will see us reach our destination an hour sooner.
The envy I feel towards my fellow passengers
Ready to scurry through the airport and head home – or to new adventures.
While I’m doomed to lose an hour of cat napping.
Doomed to spend it wandering around aimlessly in an empty airport.

A sliver of light

hunter silhuetted against the dusky sky

Taken a week ago, on the day waterfowl hunting season started in Finland. This was the last sliver of light while we were packing up and getting ready to head home and wash the dogs and clean up the days catch. It was a good start of the season for our group. We had eight guns, three retrievers (Luka, Topi, and a lab) and got 76 birds.

P.S. If you are at all interested in good photography of hunting, take a look at Bert Stephani’s hunting project.

The right tool?

a man with a dough roller sitting in front of open hood of car

Taken for a photo challenge on Google+, the challenge required a picture of a person, tool, and item. My original idea was strongly inspired by a couple of different visuals from Mad Men, but alas the short time to implement the challenge required me to go with a backup plan. However, I have sketches of my original ideas and will continue to look for opportunities to make them come to life. Also, this isn’t my final submission since the rules required a fairly lightly edited image, but this interpretation is at least closer in mood to my original idea.

My thanks to Victor Jason for modeling in the picture.