The new camera

It’s black. It’s got a battery grip. And I’ve drooled after it for half a year. And now it’s mine.

Picture of a black Canon 300D

Ever since the government informed me that I’d be getting a substantial amount of tax returns this year I’ve been drooling for a digital SLR. At first I was looking at getting a vanilla Canon 300D with a battery grip added. Then the 20D was released and I debated between the two until the limited edition black 300D with battery grip and USM lenswas released. The moment I saw it in the store, I knew what I wanted.

It isn’t that our trusty old (one year – hah!) Minolta DiMAGE Z1 isn’t good, but a SLR is a SLR. And the Minolta has its own problems, mainly focusing in darker rooms (which ours are) and the general quirks of a compact camera. I’ve just had a few hours to play around with the new camera, but the battery grip itself lends a level of credibility and sturdiness to the camera that it’s a dream to handle.

And hopefully the USM lens will help in getting better pictures of the dogs in action. After all, currently it takes me about a hundred or more shots to get one of these. Hopefully now I’ll need a few less shots. The histograms of black dogs with a backdrop of white snow is quite interesting. And they really are a challenge to take pictures of.

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