Poets of the Fall

Poets of the Fall hit #1 on the Finnish album chart and we finally found their album in the stores…

We’ve been waiting for the first album from Poets of the Fall for quite a while. We first realised (and liked) the band while driving back during the night from Helsinki, either in April or September last year. Their song Late Goodbye came on in the radio and we had to know what band played it (check out their samples page).

Now their first album is finally out and we even managed to find it after it hit the #1 slot on the Finnish album chart. During the first week it was out we couldn’t even find it in Joensuu. Maybe it was just so popular? Luckily yesterday we were able to grab the last copy from one of the local stores. And naturally it’s been ripped to mp3 for listening. CDs belong on the shelf, mp3s are for listening ;).

Of course, when we found their site on the web (based on the lyrics late goodbye) we realised that the song had already been featured in Max Payne 2. Somehow we never realised it during the game and the end credits rolled by at too late an hour to appreciate fine music.

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  1. Poets of the Fall are an amazing band. Every song is amazing in every aspect. They have talent like no other band I have ever seen. They really live up their powerful name, poetic and emotional they are. Poets of the Fall. They write poetically about things that matter, and make them into songs, that is a reason they are so captivating. Bravo!

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