Stifling creativity

On how a single, small project can stifle all creativity for weeks.

It’s unbeliavable how a small task that requires a few days of work can stifle all creativity, ability to code, and even working on getting the troublesome task out of the way. In my case, anything that reeks of bureaucracy and text written to fill up space and look good gets me in a slump like this.

I’ve been battling with the final report of an EU project that we coordinated last year. It isn’t a large amount of data that needs to be collected, but much of it has to be filled in in several different forms and calculated in varying ways. It seems like a large pile of paper is required just to justify where the money has gone – no matter what the content. And since the deadline to return the final report is more than far away still, I just promised my boss that I’ll have it on his desk on monday for signing…

Maybe then I’ll be able to find the coveted flow again.

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