Randomfire updated

I finally got around to changing the layout of the site. Anna designed the holy trinity layout for all three of my blogs (randomfire, randomfire: shutterclicks, and Satunnaisia leiskahduksia) some time ago. Now two of the three have been switched over to the new layout and the latest version of WordPress.

There’s still some work I need to do with the current theme: at least archives, new URL structures, etc. I chose to implement a fairly clean site without dependencies on other sites. The never published version 3 was supposed to have hooks to various other sites that I’ve now simply linked to in the sidebar. I’ve noticed that blogs that include pictures from Flickr streams and content from various sources can be annoyingly slow to load. And since content should be king in blogs I decided just to link to the other resources.

The only exception to what I said above is the inclusion of the latest Life of Jalo image in sidebar, but since it’s on the same server as this blog, there shouldn’t be any noticeable delay in generating the page (and the heavy lifting is done server-side).

The new layout hasn’t been reliably tested on IE6 since I suspect my install of Multiple IEs to be borked somehow. IE7 has some minor issues that I won’t be worrying about and I’ll get around to checking the site in IE6 at some point of time.

Hopefully now that I have a design that I can stand to look at I’ll start writing more here. My lack of writing hasn’t been due to a lack of ideas.

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