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A fairly recent discussion over over on Cody Redmon’s blog made me think in more detail on how we Finns really consider cellphones and connectivity as a given these days. There are very few places in Finland where you can’t get cellphone connectivity – mainly in Lappland where the fells block signals.

The place we live highlights the level of connectivity we have quite well. We live in the countryside (although near a small town), but we can still see three towers from our yard. This tower is the closest one to us, only two kilometres away and very near the local fire (rescue) station.

I took this shot on walk we took around the pond that lies between the fire station and our home. This is from the fire station side of the pond since we can’t see the station from our yard. The cellphone tower has been the only way to pinpoint the stations position from our yard. It also goes to show how limited visibility generally is in Eastern Finland. We feel like we live out in the open when we have visibilities ranging from half a kilometre to two kilometres from our yard…

And for shots of the countryside and wilds of a very different region, visit Cody Redmond’s blog. If I’d be willing to move from Finland, Montana would definitely be one of my top choices.

This is the post in my 2008 challenge series for week 7.

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