Snowmobiles have already made an appearance in my 2008 challenge entries, but then it was more from the negative perspective of their increasing use. While I don’t approve of the amount of noise and added gasoline consumption that they cause, I can understand the thrill of riding around on them.

We’re lucky because there aren’t any official routes that go close to our house so snowmobiles aren’t that much of a nuisance. Our neighbors are also considerate enough to slow down when they come close to us when we’re out with the dogs. In fact, Liperi has only one main route going through the whole county – at least officially. Of course there are countless unofficial routes that landowners use, but they aren’t open to outsiders.

But partly because of the increased numbers of snowmobiles and the accident risk they pose, we received a tracked ATV for year-round use at the rescue department. Trekking through hundreds of metres or kilometres of snow to reach an injured rider isn’t exactly fast…

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