Almost three weeks ago we spread oil spill containment beams in the water around a plane crash site from WWII. The Finnish army is currently excavating the site so that the bombs that were in the bomber are located and destroyed. After that day, we’ve spent a couple of evenings adding beams and making minor adjustments to it all. We’ve also got some good exercise in working with the beams in the dark. Luckily the strong winds and rain that we had during the day calmed down for the evening and we had another calm night to work on the beams (although the shot is from a week ago).

So far no explosive ordinance has been found, but the work still continues. The crash site is located inside the beams in the picture, near the center where three small buoys can be seen. The Helsingin Sanomat has an article about the operation in English.

Update (3.10.2008 11:00): The first bomb has been found. Which explains why our movements were very limited last night in the area.

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