An end of sorts

As has been quite apparent for some time, my 356 project is a fail. Not that it really surprises me. While I admire everyone who can take the time every day to come up with a new shot (or several) that is worth publishing, I can’t find it in me. So no more project 365 entries.

But this isn’t an end for Shutterclicks either. My 365 also left me in a slight state of photographic burnout and there was quite a long time that I didn’t even pick up the camera for anything at all. Now I’m starting to feel like picking up the camera is fun again and I’ll be back, with some backlog images as well.

This shot is one of several that I’ll publish from the same day when we had the first good frozen tracks on the snow. Some raptor or owl caught a mouse or some sort and wondered off to eat it a bit further away.

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