SoFoBoMo 2009 – Fail…

This is it. I’m declaring defeat in trying to finish my book (for SoFoBoMo) on time sometime today. I started my fuzzy month on 6.6.2009, so with the 31 day limit I’d still have time. But the time ends today and I’m out of time.

As my topic I chose documenting Finnish retriever hunt tests – something I knew would be occupying my time significantly during the spring and early summer. Because shooting the tests is very dependent on the weather and test locations, I couldn’t start work on creating templates etc. before I knew that I had enough shots to use (and of course I’m quite a procrastinator).

The first two tests we participated in (Luka and I) gave me more than enough shots. However, due to work and life I just didn’t find the inspiration to go through the images and process them. I’d planned on using last weekend to crunch it all together. Of course nothing ever works out quite as intended: a midnight call to fight a fire and surprise invitation to a hunt test 270 km away ruined my plans for the weekend and last two days of the month.

So, what I have now is a solid set of shots that give a good picture of Finnish retriever hunt tests and an outline for the book. So I will continue working on the book (and since I already started using a 30 day evaluation of InDesign, I need to complete it soon). But now I’ll change the idea a bit and expand the book to use shots that I have from hunt tests last year as well – that way I can also use more pictures of Luka ;).

So, if you’re interested, follow this space (or me on Twitter). I’ll keep posting my progess and when the book is finally available.

Maybe next year I’ll choose a project that I can complete in the SoFoBoMo time frame.

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