Tarot @ Kellari 16.4.2010

Anna and I got to spend the eve / early hours of our wedding anniversary by seeing Tarot play. It was our fourth time of seeing Marco on Tuple on stage in a year – not that we mind :). They were on tour promoting their latest album and Joensuu was the second to last night of the mini-tour. And it showed – in a good way.

Last year we saw Tarot live twice (1 gallery, 2) and while the whole bands experience in playing live is apparent, this time they were really relaxed on stage. The playing was typically good and tight, but the audience interaction and fooling around was a very welcome addition. We even got to hear Pecu do some vocals :)

With Tarot being one of the first Finnish metal bands around, there’s always quite a bit of history on stage when they perform (are they the oldest still active?). Of course, not many bands have two brothers as frontmen and still manage to function…

The new album has even more vocal parts sung by Tuple, so I had lots of chances to shoot him pelting into the microphone. Once we get around to making prints of my concert photography for our wall, he’ll be also getting a spot there.

Shooting wise the gig was lit fabulously. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better conditions to shoot in. I started out at ISO 1600 @ f2.8, but quickly dropped down to ISO800 without any issues. Since Kellari doesn’t have a pit and we were a bit late in arriving we were off to the side a bit, but that gave me more chances of getting shots without microphones covering most of the vocalists faces and shots with performers and the audience.

More pictures from the gig in our gallery.

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