SoFoBoMo 2010 – it’s a go

Well, I guess I have to count last night as the official starting point of my SoFoBoMo project for this year. I was originally planning on starting about a week from now, but last night the rising fog and sunset created a set of circumstances that couldn’t be resisted. I may have just gotten my cover shot

I’ve already posted about the summer services (suviseurat) that are taking place this year in the fields immediately surrounding our house. The event is huge. It’ll make our county of around 12 000 inhabitants into Finland’s fifth largest city – if only for five days. Based on previous years, it is estimated that around 65 000 people will attend the event. All this in the 150 hectares of fields around our house.

So I will be documenting the event. After all, how often does such an opportunity rise? I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to fine-tune my shooting. Most likely I will shoot general journalistic shots of the event and people just for practice. But I’m mostly interested in documenting what all it takes for a small county to momentarily be so large. In a sense I’m more interested in creating my book from a more behind the scenes perspective.

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