Suviseurat timelapse – day X

Well, due to various circumstances my project to make a timelapse of the whole build-up of the area for the Summer Services (see my previous post on the topic) failed. The main reason was that my order for a mains adaptor for the camera didn’t come to the seller and thus being able to shoot a continuous timelapse was impossible.

There were also times when we’ve had to turn off our computers because of thunderstorms etc. which would have caused their own interruptions. I do have some material that I’ll practice creating timelapses with so that when the event itself starts I’ll be prepared to create the final movie.

In fact, the event is basically starting in a week. A week from now the area will be opened for travelers’ to arrive. So from the time the area opens to when the main part of the cleanup ends I’ll have one camera shooting and we’ll see what kind of movies I can generate from the material.

Once I get some experience on composing the movies etc. I’ll post a behind the scenes post on the equipment I’m using.

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