Reckless Love 2.9.2010 @ Puikkari

We went to see Kuopio’s gift to glam metal Reckless Love last Thursday when they were playing in their hometown since they can’t seem to find their way 130 km east :). While waiting for the gig the venue played a good set of glam / hair metal to get the audience in a suitable mood. I have a public Spotify playlist for the same purpose.

The gig was everything I was expecting. A great show that was supported by good playing and grittier vocals than on the album. Trust me, the grittier vocals were a good thing ;). From the bands image to their music videos and list of influences it was clear what their stage performance would be. I must admit, Olli has certainly watched his fair share of David Lee Roth prancing about the stage. At at one point I could almost imagine Pepe in the shoes of DLR’s chief mechanic Steve Vai. If only Pepe would have picked up the Ibanez from the corner. But then again, I’ve always been an Ibanez fan.

It’ll be fun to see how Reckless Love’s career progresses. They certainly have the makings of becoming a popular act. It was also fun to see Tarot’s Zachary Hietala jump on stage for a bit. And hear the little nugget of trivia that he’d helped the band record their first demo way back when.

Just like with the 69 Eyes gig, the lighting in Puikkari was great and I didn’t have too many problems with running out of light. The only problematic area was the very front of stage and the top of the railing separating the audience from the stage. Especially Olli seemed to like prancing about on the railing – and other odd parts of the stage.

For more images from the gig, visit our gallery.

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