Setting a direction

Setting some direction on where I’d like to take each of my blogs.

For a long time I’ve been adrift when it comes to most of my blogs (Life of Jalo being an exception). Especially here in randomfire I’ve been trying to decide what kind of content I want to publish to attract and keep readers.

Sure, it’s a personal blog and I’m supposed to be allowed to ramble about just about anything, but if I want to cultivate a readership base in my blog, it needs some kind of focus. The problem is that I’m just interested in too many things at any given time.

One of my main issues has been on how and where to blog about my professional life. I decided that anything related to my profession (information technology), I’ll blog about internally on a company platform. Working for a large organization has its benefits and it is also a way for me to get my expertise public to different parts of our organization. And I won’t have to worry about disclosing public information etc.

My Finnish blog, Satunnaisia leiskahduksia, will be revived and will concentrate on fire fighting and dogs. They are both topics that I deal with in Finnish and most of the vocabulary is somewhat cultural / localized and I don’t want to deal with the hassle of explaining terms in each post.

Shutterclicks will be activated. It isn’t as if I didn’t take pictures worth posting, but somehow I just find the time to procrastinate too much and never get them posted. I do have some workflow issues that I’d like to resolve to make matters easier, but in general the amount of processing that I do per image shouldn’t take all that much time.

Which then leaves me with this blog. Even though I’ve always tagged it with random ramblings, I’ve decided to focus on two main topics: guitar and photography. A bit over a year and half ago I finally bit the bullet and started to pick up the guitar a bit more regularly and am slowly progressing. But it won’t only be about guitars, music in general will also be a topic that will get more attention. Music and guitar playing have been close to me and are topics that I’d definitely like to write more about. But don’t worry, I won’t be submitting you to any of my playing anytime soon ;)

Photography has been dear to me for quite some time. Slowly but surely there’s been a flood of photographic equipment that has begun to flood our house and I’ve been getting better at getting the shot I want. Since it is on my mind quite a bit, it’s also quite natural that I’d want to write about it as well. And to be honest, since a lot of my photography consists of dogs, it’ll also be a chance for me to talk about them here too.

The change in focus also means that I’ll be changing the layouts on each blog at some point, but don’t expect any quick changes – I have too many incomplete projects on my plate at the moment to start new ones. But hopefully sometime during this winter I’ll get all three redesigns up and running.

And naturally, I do reserve the right to blog about what ever if the need arises :)

Until then, enjoy your new years celebrations!

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